Find Talent

The Hastings Group was founded on the principle that every client’s employee search should be handled professionally and confidentially. We have established and adhere to strict policies to ensure that our clients are happy, not just with the end result, but with the process.

We partner with our clients to achieve success, adapting our procedures to best fit our client’s organization. We welcome discussions that go beyond the written job description. Your corporate culture is important in finding a candidate that is the right fit. We’re interested in your requirements for an ideal candidate. As we learn more about your organization, we can fine tune our search for candidate experiences and attributes that don’t appear on job descriptions.

We offer years of experience in our areas of expertise. Our strength in finding the right candidates is that we always discuss the job requirements with the candidate and determine for ourselves if we feel the candidate has the correct credential. Also, we do not submit unsolicited resumes in hopes that a position will “open up.” Rather, we spend our time doing focused searches and submitting qualified individuals for the positions our clients are actively trying to fill.

Of course, the only way to truly understand the standards of service and performance we have established is to experience working with us. We work strictly on a contingent basis. At The Hastings Group, we aren’t afraid to take a chance on our performance. We know we’ll come through for you!!

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