Job Search

Confidentiality is our number one concern.

We operate in a manner that will not jeopardize your current job during the process of finding a new one. We never submit your resume to a client without your permission. The decision to apply for a job is the result of a discussion between a candidate and one of our recruiters. During the discussion, we tell you everything we know about a position. Unless specifically requested by the client, we will tell you the name of the company and exactly where the job is located. Our philosophy is that you, our candidates, are professionals and need all the facts in order to make professional decisions about your career.

We find the Right Job for you.

We enjoy the process of being career consultants. We review your resume to ensure it best reflects your credential. We’re eager to listen to your goals and concerns. When searching for a job, everyone has certain career goals as well as personal limiting factors. We work within your parameters to find the perfect job for you.

Networking expands your possibilities.

In addition to our own clients and job openings, we have the ability to share your resume with hundreds of other professional recruiters. This is accomplished in a secure manner through a network which is available only to recruiters. This feature isn’t accessible by any potential employers or client companies. Our job search function is also interactive with member recruiters’ jobs. This feature avails you of thousands of jobs enhancing your ability to complete your job search quickly and effectively.

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